ScatShop – Mistress Anna – Smell My Butt and Test My Farts – HD,1080p


Release Year: 2016
Genres: Piss,Peeng,Pee,Piss
Video language: English

Description:This is the best video yet by Mistress Anna in both production values and content. As it begins, we see her beautiful face only lightly obscured by her mask as she realizes she has to fart. She graciously decides to share them with her slave and calls it over. We get to see a great variety of her facial expressions as she goes from bored, amused, curious and angry. As she slaps the slaves face she asks “Do you like it?” and we hear his whimpering.

The scene changes and we see a short POV montage of her face as she walks in on her slave, already bound under her toilet chair.

Again the scene changes and she takes her position on the toilet. This is shot in a wide angle and we get to see much more of the Mistress than in previous videos as she moves around and as she pulls the spandex down off of her inexpressibly beautiful ass. We get many chances to admire the small details of her toned body and flawless skin from many angles as she shifts position.

Finally we get the POV shot of the most exquisite ass ever created hanging down through the toilet seat as she matter-of-factly orders the slave to worship. This shot is lit by direct sunlight and we see her ass in dick-stiffening detail. The slave licks her asshole right up until the moment when her precious shit begins to pore out. Then she says “clean” and the slave again strains to lick, though the Mistress is in such perfect shape and her firm ass cheeks are so tight that there is no shit anywhere but right inside her asshole.

The video ends with another short montage of the Mistress standing completely naked kicking the slave’s balls. We are allowed to see her perfect pussy and graceful body from beneath the toilet seat, the only position from which a slave should e