[YMF-33] Yapoo’s Market – Spit, Chewed Food, Vomit, & The 15-Girl Toilet Box

Release Year: 2016
Genres: Rope,Bondage,BDSM,Domination
Video language: English

Description:For those who already have some version of YM-33: This is the DVD version of YM-33 (currently unseeded), which the “F” denotes. There are a few different versions of this floating around out there, and some of them are VHS rips incorrectly labeled YMF. There’s only one other real YMF-33 rip that I know of, in MKV format. If you have that one, the quality here is about the same.

The main differences are: the default aspect ratio has been corrected (to 4:3), the edges have been cleaned up, there are chapter markers, it’s about 200MB larger, and is in MP4 format. To be clear, this is a new encode straight from DVD, not a re-encode of the MKV version. This shows the difference (75% of actual size):