[YMVD-17 01]Yapoo’s Market


Release Year: 2017
Genres: Rope,Bondage,BDSM,Domination
Video language: English

Description:In YM shooting, rich manure toilet bowls by ladies who are doing as natural as usual from early in the morning. On this day as well, from the morning to the first day was confinement of the captive breeding man for breeding and forced continuous feeding. In parallel with that, the kings of the abduction team meet at the street meeting place with the livestock applicant and suddenly let the urine entering the PET bottle be forcibly finished on the spot. Immediately after that, we will pack it in a luggage carrier (pork car) carrier and transport it to the ruins of the interview location, but until this point we will continue doctor and retirement. Those who are captured safely are driven to a signature stamp of a livestock pledge that influences fate. Those who signed and surrounded by the ladies who lick their prey in front of their prey were instantly subjected to biological furniture ability tests such as licking lips and extracting urine and urine.




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