SamanthaStarfish – Sensual Lesbian Pee and Poop Love Making – HD-720p


Release Year: 2017
Genres: Pee,Scat,Femdom Scat,Extreme Scat
Video language: English

Description:My bladder is full and I am so turned on. I want to see my lover’s naked body glistening with my warm, wet pee. I straddle her body and let out a nice stream of pee all over her breasts.
I kiss and lick the pee off of her nipples. I love exploring her body and peeing all over her.

I want to taste my lesbian lover’s asshole. I can see and taste how dirty it is! Her ass is so full! I want her to pee on me too but first she’ll need to empty her ass!

I put my hand under her sexy asshole. She pushes and pushes and a big, beautiful load of poop snakes out of her ass and falls into my hand! It’s so warm and it smells amazing!

Now Amanda can pee all over me! She splashed her pee all over my body while I hold her poop to my face so I can smell it! We are both covered in pee now. Our bodies are wet and glistening.

We make love, kissing each other, licking each other’s wet pussies, and rimming each other’s very dirty buttholes.

I keep smelling Amanda’s load of poop in my hand and I hold it to her face so she can smell it as well! Her warm poop is turning us on so much!

Watch two beautiful girls making love with our pee and poop. This is a very sensual and natural video. Just two girls enjoy each other other’s bodies and embracing everything that makes us human.