Shitmaster 06 – Frauensache by Z-Faktor 11.14.2007


Release Year: 2017
Genres: Pee,Scat,Femdom Scat,Extreme Scat
Video language: English

Description:Alena and her neighbor, Carola, are two hot beavers. With these two, horniness knows no frontiers. Fingers are already in the right holes and shit begins to poor. Sabrina has had a crush for long time on her friend Biggi. As the two are alone again, they know no inhibitions. The girls shit and piss each other in the mouth and play with their shit. Bianca and Maria can be told from their partners ’cause they keep a small talk about shit and stuff, but in the course of the perverse act they get always hot and the girls are increasing in unexpectedly climbing to a sex ecstasy.

The movie contains 3 scenes. The first two are lesbian – girl only. Both girls first perform a little foreplay with kissing and fondling, sixty-nine, and then they eventually get into more serious stuff: pissing and shitting upon each other, into each other’s mouth, and smearing scat all over their bodies, pussies and faces. In both scenes there are some toys involved.
The third scene features two girls and two men, but there is no sexual intercourse other than some oral but no cumshots. It is mainly about the girls performing a lesbian sex act with the scat aftertaste. One of the girls apparently can’t take it too well and she pukes. The men pee on girls and into their mouths. There is some cigarette smoking and wine drinking as well.