Release Year: 2017
Genres: Pee,Scat,Femdom Scat,Extreme Scat
Video language: English

Description:Louise walks into a room with 4 older men sitting on a sofa, she then pisses in a pint glass and drink the whole thing. She starts giving the men a blowjob, they then all piss on her and she drinks there piss. She then drinks another pint of her own piss. She then Lies down and a man shits in her mouth she eat’s some and smears the rest over her lips. Another man then shits on her face this is then smeared all over her body. She is throat fucked for a moment then pissed on while another man shits in her mouth. She eats some and then a man cums on her shit filled mouth. She then eats more shit while retching and rolls around smearing shit piss and bits of puke over her body. She then drinks a half pint of her piss.

Same four men are sitting around. Louise gives them all quick hand jobs then pisses in a pint glass takes off her t-shirt puts funnel in her mouth and the men piss in the funnel. A man then shits in her mouth. Louise is asked if she likes it to which she says mmmm and eats the shit. smearing some round her mouth. Another guy then shits in her mouth, after she asks for more shit and piss, afterwards she says ‘Thank you’ and eats more shit, and asks for more. She is then pissed on. Another man then shits in her mouth. they then smear shit around and feed Louise bits of shit. A man then trys to shit in her mouth. A man the pisses in her mouth. They then make sure she is totally covered in shit while she suggestively sucks her fingers. They then piss on her while while she mastubates.


Filesize:1.34 GB