Mistress Emily – Toilet Slave Take My Shit! – HD-1080p


Today you will be my toilet, toilet paper and urinal. Don’t disappoint me, slave, by lie in the toilet place. Open your mouth wide, I want to shit. And don’t let a piece fall past your mouth. And now lick my dirty feet in shit, better lick, still. Hold tight to my ass, the rest of the shit goes right into your mouth. Now, the second step of training. Open your mouth and swallow. Well done, you did it. I hope soon you will completely replace me toilet and toilet paper.

Mistress Anna – Nasty syrupy shit – HD-1080p


Keeping a slave as a toilet is work, but there is no reason we can’t enjoy our work. Like when I release an exceptionally nasty shit on an unsuspecting slave. Just as it opens its mouth to take in my nice firm load it gets a slimy mess spreading out all over its face. But don’t feel bad for it–and not just because it is subhuman and its feelings are of no concern. It gets to hear my spontaneous laughter. That should be worth any suffering.