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Hi, I’m Emily.
I am 23 years old.
I really like fetishes – piss, scat and menstruation are my topics.
Let me fulfill your fantasies and you will not regret it; *
ScatLina/WetEmily used to upload scat content back in 2021 but have since then purged all her content and links.
This is a collection of some of her stuff that I managed to find online recently. 4 of the clips I have previously uploaded in better resolution LucyBelle/WetEmily so up to you if you want to get them as well.
In this collection you’ll get lots of nice cloesups of her lovely shit, she does smearing sometimes and the occasional dirty fingering but she is very light on the shit interaction.
Hope ya’ll enjoy!

LucyBelle – A convenient position for big poo.ScrinListLucyBelle – A lot of shit came out today.ScrinListLucyBelle – A soft poop comes out.ScrinListLucyBelle – A way to make a 3-day poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Big shit and hairy pussy.ScrinListLucyBelle – Big shit and pussy massaging.ScrinListLucyBelle – Big shit without opening my buttocks.ScrinListLucyBelle – Came out effortlessly.ScrinListLucyBelle – Damn smelly shit today and a lot.ScrinListLucyBelle – Delicious poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Desperation under the bathroom and poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Enema and farting.ScrinListLucyBelle – Hairy pussy and lots of shit.ScrinListLucyBelle – Hard pile in parts.ScrinListLucyBelle – Hot poop smear.ScrinListLucyBelle – Huge doggy style shit and pressing back.ScrinListLucyBelle – Huge poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Huge shit and a red pussy.ScrinListLucyBelle – I gotta take a monster!.ScrinListLucyBelle – I peed myself in jeans.ScrinListLucyBelle – Long piss on the toilet.ScrinListLucyBelle – My red lips and doing shit.ScrinListLucyBelle – New look hair and poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Pancakes with a pile.ScrinListLucyBelle – Panties pooping.ScrinListLucyBelle – Pee, poop and orgasm.ScrinListLucyBelle – Pee and poop without opening my buttocks.ScrinListLucyBelle – Peeing and poop diary 3.ScrinListLucyBelle – Pissing on the neighbor’s cock.ScrinListLucyBelle – Poo in spandex shorts.ScrinListLucyBelle – Poop in jeans and boobs smearing.ScrinListLucyBelle – Pouring piss on each other.ScrinListLucyBelle – Purging with suppositories and a huge poo.ScrinListLucyBelle – Pussy massage when shit comes out.ScrinListLucyBelle – Shit comes out of my ass.ScrinListLucyBelle – Shitting towards the lens.ScrinListLucyBelle – Shit wanted to rip my ass.ScrinListLucyBelle – Smearing and smells. I love it.ScrinListLucyBelle – Smears feet with smelly poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Smelly shit and thick.ScrinListLucyBelle – Soft poop in the morning.ScrinListLucyBelle – Soft smelly poop on the toilet.ScrinListLucyBelle – Still hot shitting of a hot teen.ScrinListLucyBelle – The heels fit shit.ScrinListLucyBelle – The joy of smearing shit.ScrinListLucyBelle – The longest poop without opening buttocks.ScrinListLucyBelle – This is shit.ScrinListLucyBelle – Today pooping.ScrinListLucyBelle – Todays bronze block.ScrinListLucyBelle – Two videos. pee, poop and fart.ScrinListLucyBelle – Vacuum bag poop.ScrinListLucyBelle – Very big shit and smearing ass.ScrinListLucyBelle – What a long shit it was.ScrinListLucyBelle – Young sexy lady shitting in high heels.ScrinList


01:17 Min to 22:38 Min
10.8 MB to 250 MB

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