Toilet Slave - Puke Recycling 00000 Toilet Slave - Puke Recycling 00001 Toilet Slave - Puke Recycling 00002 Toilet Slave - Puke Recycling 00003 Toilet Slave - Puke Recycling 00004Toilet Slave - Puke Recycling.ScrinList
This video is for all you Masters and Daddies who love to see a cute girl degrade herself. It starts with my putting my beautiful red hair (you do think it’s beautiful, right Daddy?) into the toilet and flushing it. And you know how much I love to be a toilet slave so I drink my hot piss. Then I shove my dildo deep into my throat until my stomach explodes. It’s some super chunky vomit with lots of gagging. After puking it a second time, I followed my daily skincare routine and took a shower with my big bowl of vomit. I think washing your hair with vomit could become the latest beauty trend!
Name: Toilet Slave – Puke Recycling.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:43:55
File size : 3.13 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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