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YVBD-26_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00000 YVBD-26_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00001 YVBD-26_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00002 YVBD-26_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00003

Fourth movie of the Special Auction Festa series Blu-Rays in 1080p. Good torture scenes with a young Korean Mistress and my new favourite Mistress Red from China, also has some toilet slavery scenes. As always those movies were not purchased by me but by the tracker’s Yapoo Collector Fortnight! Make sure to send some kind words or gifts his way!
Bad translation: Samples for the livestock buyers got stepped on with heels, were used as human ponies, got kicked & slapped, whipped and drowned in urine as human toilets, forced to eat manure like dogs. On the second day of the program, the main event Livestock Public Auction was started. At the opening, all the livestock were exposed in the cage with both hands suspended, and during all that time, the livestock candidates were forced to serve the audience as urinals.


Name: YVBD-26_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:54:02
File size : 7.76 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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