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There are no occlusions in her throat. It feels just like a wet pussy as it slides down her warm tongue and into her esophagus. The ribbed cartilage grab your cock and it hits the bottom of the head like a $3000 dollar sex robot does. We all gave her yellow d, and she swallowed 90% of mine. Then Jay D and Bootleg DP’d her until it started to hurt her holes. She did A2M the entire time, straight from the ass. Jay D came in her tight asshole, and he was the first man to ever nut in that tight sphincter. Bootleg fucks her ass while it’s filled with cum so that the asshole would release the load, it eventually did, and it oozed out slowly. We sat her down for some more yellow d from Jay D, this time around. She sat there with two loads on her face, one from Boots, and another from Sam, and one in her asshole. She remained there with cum on her face, seeping into her eyeballs, poised for the yellow finale as the cum began to aggravate her make her lose her cool. This is why we cause them to sit there for several minutes. It patinas their tough exterior and shows the soft white underbelly of their soul. Then we dumped the whore bowl on her head. Topped it off with spit and power snots. It was an amazing day.

Name: facialabuse_video_ae7818rg353454354543554120519-60p_1920x1080.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:19:17
File size : 4.55 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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