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Office ladies who devote themselves to work despite having to defecate and enduring abdominal pain. Just when she hurried to the bathroom and thought she would finally be relieved of her suffering, a dirty, shameful sound, the opposite of her own, rang out from her anus. The sound echoes through the phone, through the door to colleagues, and into the cubicle next door, where they are found out and overheard. The basic functions of human excretion continue to be carried out every day, despite being tormented by extreme shame.

In each scene, a woman starts to experience extreme intestinal discomfort in the office (or en route to the office). After an agonizing few minutes, the woman enters the bathroom, where she pulls down her pants/undergarments and starts to blow farts and blast ass into the toilet. Outside the door, a fellow employee waits, listening – sometimes thoughtfully, and sometimes in horror – to the noisy bowel movement.

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