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Lesbians Office Break!.ScrinList
During break time, these two women decide to stay behind while the rest head out for their lunch! Apparently, they are a lesbian couple and they intend to make use of the room that they now have all to themselves! So, without wasting any more time, they strip completely naked, bend over on top of a table, and simultaneously defecate on the floor! By the time they are done relieving themselves, they get on the ground where they proceed to intimately kiss, but it doesn’t take long before they begin smearing their feces all over one another’s body! They make sure to smear every piece of poop on their bodies, so by the time they are done, they are completely covered in poop! By then, they get on the 69-position and simultaneously orally pleasure one another’s pussy! As the women get more aroused, they later proceed with finger fucking each other, and when that too got boring, one proceeds to wear a strap on and then fuck the other with it! Their feces-covered bodies rub together as they kiss intimately, only stopping when they are both completely pleasured!
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