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Here is another 50 minute video for your jerking pleasure! I�m sure you have injured your cock already by masturbating to my disgusting videos. You filthy fucking pig! This video has all the best parts of me. I�m even on my period when I made this show. But you can see that I�m dressed very elegantly�but my master absolutely destroys me. Things start gently�but as soon as he has me start fucking my ass�it gets crazy! I reach in deep with my hand to pull out all the shit that is hiding inside. Then I try something new�I put the shit back inside my ass and fuck it hard. It�s super messy. �And what do you think happens next? A yummy milk enema�which I promptly mix with my piss and drink. I have an iron stomach�can your wife or girlfriend do this? NO WAY! But what goes in, must come out�so I fuck my throat until my stomach explodes with the shit, piss, and milk that I�ve put inside me.

Name: Elegant bu656464645654t Filthy.mp4
Permission: HD
Duration: 00:50:32
File size : 495 MB
Resolution : 1280 @ 720



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