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Special Delivery5434543554345 Compilation – Part 3.ScrinList

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Filmed in 1080p/60fps. Warningâ�¦make sure you have lube handy before watching this video. Here is the third installmentâ�¦Part 3â�¦of the Special_Delivery_Compilation series. Enjoy another 3 magnificent loads of my thick, chewy shit. Watch as I prepare these treats for my loving and loyal Fans. The first scene is extended. I wasnâ��t content to just fill the bowl with my chocolate delights. The first scene includes PiP, pissing, dirty anal dildo fucking, and me licking and sucking that shit-covered dildo. I go the extra mile to make sure my Fans are happy! The second scene catches me in the bathroomâ�¦I bet your wife or girlfriend never shits like this! The final scene is specialâ�¦I take a HUGE shit right in the middle of my living roomâ�¦right onto the floorâ�¦and then I scoop up some with my fingers and savor it before swallowing it. Itâ��s how I imagine you when you order a delicious load from me. Bon app�©tit!

Name: Special Delivery5434543554345 Compilation – Part 3.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:20:01
File size : 665 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080



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