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Queen Aryal’s slave was congested and had a small fever the night before, so She allowed him to take a shift off of serving Her. He’s had almost 8 hours off now, so She decides to apply some Femdom humiliation therapy to help get the slave healthy and ready to serve Her.

The slave is in bondage mittens, hood and collar, strapped to a bed and helpless. She makes him beg Her for Her farts: “Say, ‘Please Mistress, please fart in my worthless slave face so I can smell Your superior scent Mistress”, to which She replies “Why I’d be happy to, fart bitch” and then after climbing on top of him She blasts a wet, gooey one that sticks to Her pubic hair (Mistress has not shaved for some time now) directly into his face. She immediately sits on his face with Her ass, screaming at him:

“Get your tongue in there and taste my farts, because you’ll be tasting my sh*t next, fart slave bitch!”. She adds a a nice kick in his head as well as She mounts and dismounts the poor slob, who is gagging and retching. This angers the Queen, leading Her to smother him while his tongue is deeply in Her bowels.

“You better keep your tongue pointed and deeply in my asshole so you can taste where those farts came from slave”. She finally lets up the gasping, coughing slave, who is crying in disgust but She threatens him and he starts paying more attention. She makes him tongue fuck Her asshole next, bobbing his head in and out, with His long thick tongue pointed and Her brown starfish spread wide open, only to be followed by..another fart to his face.

She finally dismounts his face with a final kick to his head and a glare, his face and breath smelling of his Mistress’ caviar.
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