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First Hu675676567657man Toilet Use!.ScrinList
He was begging to be my toilet, I was so curious and aroused… So we met, I masked him and told him what to do. He would first have to be my washcloth, licking my sweaty armpits and feet clean. Then he would wash and lubricate my pussy and asshole with his tongue. I demand he keeps licking as the long warm stream of pee flows out all into him and over him. Such a slutty toilet! Slowly I prepare him for the massive log I’m about to unleash in his mouth. “Open wide!” I say with great excitement and arousal.

My log is so massive, as usual, that the toilet is instantly clogged. Helplessly he tried his best to flush it down his throat, but to no avail. That makes it a lot of fun for me though, cause I get to smear on him what he could not get down. His whole clothes, face, nose, mouth and chest is now full of my piss and shit. His room is stinking so hard probably even the neighbours can smell it!

This was freaking hot and exciting… So who’s next wanting to prove himself worthy of being the receptacle of what comes out of my big Goddess ass?
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