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living toilet training My friend got herself a toilet slave and started his training and getting used to her shit. She wants to teach him that he was excited only from her shit and finished only in her shit and with a mouth full of smelly shit. He’ll ask her to shit on him, beg to shit in his mouth and let him cum! 2. Lemonade, chocolate, everything for you, eat shit Open your mouth, catch the shit. Everything in your mouth, you eat. Chew, swallow, bitch. Lemonade, chocolate, everything for you. You see how the Mistress spoils you. Eat my stinking chocolate. What’s the matter? Erection. I’ll help you with your erection. Eat shit, why do you need teeth, swallow. What not, eat my shit! You will eat all my shit
Name: Let Him Eat Shit His Regular Food.mp4
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