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MP4 Lola decides to edge Andy until she has to pee again. She removes the fucking machine and edges Andy while she drinks more water. Andy is edged for a very long time while Lola’s bladder fills. Andy starts to get fussy. He is very frustrated that he has been edged so long. Lola stuffs Andy’s mouth with a tampon gag. The tampon gag always shuts him right up. Then, she goes back to edging. Lola pees into the jug a second time. It’s less that the first time, but still enough to use for training purposes. Lola reinserts the tube down Andy’s throat. She edges him while pouring her pee down into Andy. Andy is very erect and right on the verge of sexual climax while he swallows the pee. Lola ensures Andy’s right on the edge again before withdrawing sensation and returning Andy to chastity for the night. Andy did a good job, but he still doesn’t get to have an orgasm. He doesn’t need to have a full orgasm to learn to sexualize being a toilet. It’s not about what he wants. It’s about him learning to serve a whole household of women as their fully functioning human toilet. (15:11 long)
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Name: Edges a Toilet in Tr67567657aining Part 2.mp4
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Duration: 00:15:11
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