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Where are you going on vacation? Do you prefer the seaside, the moutain walks or do you enjoy the distractions of country life? Whatever your choice, it is hopelessly banal. Mark spends his vacation in a cave.

Mark is lying on the wooden table, his head is just under portable toilets on which Mistress Fatima is sitting. Mark has been waiting for this moment for hours, he didn’t eat anything last night, he spent the night hoping he could eat Fatima’s poop. the poop bounces off the nose of Mark and comes crashing down the table, the second one falls directly into Mark’s mouth,

“swallow it bitch”
and last but not least a third one to end the meal. starter, main course, dessert, enjoy!
It is out of the question to waste food! There’s a big shit cake on the table, you’re gonna eat all!
“suck my turd bitch, like an ice-cream”.
Mark is licking delicately the big poop before eating it.
“thank you Queen Fatima”
A good row of piss for digestion and slave Mark can go back to the cellar.
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