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Today I’m up in the sweltering attic in my garage.

It’s so damn hot up there but I had to go get something… that’s when the feeling hit.
I hadn’t pooped yesterday so my rectum was packed this morning. So I whipped out my phone and decided to shit right there!

I’m sweating and the poop is trying to come out…a little piece of corn escapes my hole and hangs on the rim. I moan and let nature happen. Without pushing, a large log comes out but it’s the mid piece that really stretches me and gets the tears flowing.

(if you know me, you know I frequently ‘cry’ when pooping. It’s a reflex I cannot control)

As I finish this tear jerker I start to pee. A hot river of piss flows out of my body.

As I finish up I show you my tearful face and a close up of my mess…oh darn I have no toilet paper. Guess I will use my panties…

(Attic setting, talking, moaning and crying.)
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