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貴女の畜奴にして下さい 黄金 M ホスト糞闘記 5 服従と被虐の日々 女王様達の休日 新人 M ホストを買って遊んでみた 前編
Please Make Me Your Slave – Golden M Host Shit Fight 5 – Days of Submission and Masochism – Queens’ Holiday – I Bought a New M Host and Played with It Part 1

Starring: ユエン (Yuen), 羽月棗 (Natsume Hazuki), and 望月ハナ (Hana Mochizuki)
Slaves: トンボ (Tombo) and くまくま (Kumakuma)

Yuen, Natsume Hazuki, and Hana Mochizuki, who work as queens at “PERSONA”, one of the largest SM clubs in Tokyo, decide to use the “Livestock Personnel Dispatch Center”, a rumored hardcore masochistic host club, on their days off. The three queens hung the delivered M hosts upside down and enjoyed the hard torture. However, the M hosts who were sent to receive hard torture beyond their imagination fell into a state of near death. Three people were on the verge of death. A new host is turned into a slave for licking and cleaning the ass when using a human toilet, and a new M host who looks strong and can be used as a toilet is delivered in a two-day confinement breeding course. Two M hosts decided to abuse it as a personal hobby that customers of SM clubs usually cannot do, such as hard skin, toilet feeding, and sexual treatment…


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